Mixing drugs and traveling can be very dangerous since you might have to pay heavy penalties for using as well as taking the drug. Get your synthetic pee from here while traveling, just in case you have to take a drug test. When you are traveling you have to follow the rules that are applicable in that particular country which might affect the usage of drugs. It will not matter whether you are aware of laws with respect to illegal drugs because no one will believe you and you will have to face the consequences.

Safety First

Whether you are in your hometown or abroad traveling, you must be very careful when you’re using alcohol or any illegal drugs. Make sure that your consuming alcohol in an appropriate amount and don’t overdo it. Sometimes mixing alcohol with certain illegal drugs may prove fatal since they react with each other. When you travel to different countries and visit pubs and bars over there do not leave your drinks unwatched or take drinks from strangers when offered. It is equally important to keep an eye on the bartender as he is mixing your drinks since there is a risk of adding something into it which will cause dizziness which might lead to you getting robbed or assaulted.

Having illegal drugs is not advised anywhere but carrying prescription drugs also is risky. Few prescription drugs that might be legal in one country are illegal in the other for which you might get in trouble. There are certain countries where drugs like marijuana is illegal but only for medical purpose however when you leave that country you have to leave the drugs as well.

The penalties for illegal drug use whether it is a large or a small quantity, most countries follow the zero-tolerance policy. Most common penalties are

  • In the North African country known as Tunisia, one has to face 20 years of prison time for illegal drug use as well as pay heavy fine.
  • If you are caught with drugs in Venezuela you get 30 years of prison time.
  • There are certain countries like Iran, Thailand, Singapore and much more which have death penalties in their law book for using addictive drugs.