How to explain sex toys to airport security

No one enjoys removing their shoes and all the metal objects before passing through airport security.  For few people, this process might be quite embarrassing.  Travel is all time considered sexy. It is when couples get more time to connect with each other and explore many new things.  When we move out of our same environment and habitual pattern, we tend to be more adventurous and will be willing to try on the secret fantasies.   To fulfill all your fantasies there are many exciting sex toys. You don’t even have to go out of your house to buy them; you could easily log on to and buy what your heart desires.

Facing the security personnel in the airport

Answer honestly- When you travel with these sex toys there are chances that security personnel in the airport will be questioning you regards this.  You don’t have to feel embarrassed or shy when questioned. All you need is to answer the person honestly. You would be tempted to insist that the toy is a chew toy or a pencil case, but lying will only get you into more trouble.  When questioned keep your answers brief and to the point. Try to use only clinical terms and be straightforward.  You should relax as these security personnel’s have been given the training to handle sensitive matters and they have already seen it all.

Pack the sex toys between other things- Pack the sex toy in a plastic bag or carrying case and keep it between the clothing. This will give you time to let the security personnel know that you have sex toys in the bag and to be searched privately.

One important thing you need to keep in mind is that you are not doing any crime carrying the sex toys. Hence don’t feel or act guilty in the airport and unnecessarily bring attention to you.