Vietnam Travel Tips

Travelling is the best way to vent out for those people who are stressed out in their life. There are many beautiful places to travel across the world. One such place is Vietnam. Though there are a lot of things to know about Vietnam historically, there are also places for a carefree traveler.

Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia and is one of the beautiful places that must not be missed. Here are certain tips before visiting Vietnam.

  • The foremost point is to consider your visa seriously. There are chances that you may be turned down if you do not have a proper pre-approval. That is, to get Vietnam visa on arrival us citizen must get a pre-approval. Immigrant officers expect proper respect.
  • Most of the prices in the US are fixed, but this is not the case in Usually, Vietnamese try to earn by overcharging you wherever possible. Be careful while arguing about price with the Vietnamese. The charges usually are more for tourists as compared to locals in many restaurants. Hence do not flaunt much money and try to get local trustable help.
  • Some tour operators under the pretext of a flat tire could make you stay in a costlier hotel, do not fall into such traps. Be vigilant always and use discretion when it comes to money.
  • Prostitution is illegal but it is carried out in other ways through massage parlors or night clubs. If you go to a massage center make it clear that you are there only for a massage.
  • Vietnamese are generally hospitable in nature. When you enquire or talk to somebody out there with a smile, you get a good response from him or her.

Don’t ever assume things with having the size of Vietnam in mind.   Do not think that a single week is enough to experience Vietnam. No, take some time to explore the real beauty of Vietnam.