Why Ancel AD310 is the best scanner available in market

As you understand the necessity of using the best car scanner for your car’s maintenance and safety, here is one of the models. There are various models of Ancel scanners for different types of users. A beginner can use the Ancel ad210 and more experienced car owners may use the Ancel ad410. The  best Ancel scanner though, with DIY instructions that is available in the market is Ancel AD310. There are a lot of functions that this car scanner/ code reader does. There are enhanced features in addition to the easy to use method. Moreover, this car scanner device has a good size so that customers can hold it and look at the screen easily. The screen looks white as opposed to the earlier car scanner devices that have a dark screen where the lettering cannot be seen clearly. Here, you get the main features and pros & cons.

Main Highlights of Ancel AD310

  1. Code Scanner / Code Reader Device
  2. Provides Code History
  3. Displays Pending Codes
  4. Shows Definitions
  5. It has Hard Drive Memory Data
  6. It Can shut down the System
  7. It also Clears the Codes
  8. It Reads Stream Data on real time basis
  9. Has the ability To Check For I/M Readiness
  10. A Highly Insulated Cable
  11. A Long Cable Measuring 2.5 Ft.
  12. Minimum number of buttons (4)

Ancel AD310 is compatible with these systems: –

  • CAN (Controller Area Network)
  • Look-Up Library
  • OBD 2 Faults
  • OBD 2 Protocols

Pros: –

Smartphone Not Required

Bight On – Screen Display

Minimum Usage Of Buttons


Cons: –

  • Print for instructions on the product manual is very small so it is hard to read as noted by user.
  • The device is at times not compatible with specific car models.
  • Cannot do a diagnostic scan for anti brake system / ABS.

At https://carhq.org/best-scanners-cars, we can find Ancel AD310 reviews suggest positive functions and features of the car scanner/ code reader.  The display screen is wide and also gives a illuminating display unlike the other devices that have a dull screen and it gets difficult to read because of the dull contrast. The best part is that it comes with DIY instructions for basic fixes to minor issues. Moreover, during this process it uses very simple language, avoiding jargon that the average car owner cannot understand. The instructions are short and clear to understand.

It does not only have enhanced functions on the inside of the device. There is no need to connect your smartphone while doing so, as several other devices requires you to connect your smartphone too. The buttons and the device is big in size. This makes it easy for the customer hold the device conveniently and not to press a wrong button by mistake. The manufacturers have used the simplest way of keeping only 4 main buttons for the main functions operations – up & down arrow keys, enter and exit.