Travelling and road trips can be memorable and fun especially in company of people you enjoy with. But it can also become stressful and cause a lot of tension if the choice of people goes wrong. While those few uncomfortable moments are inevitable, here are a few tips to choose the right people and enjoy your trip.

Avoid trips with recent friends

Sure you have made new friends and seem to hit is off. But do not immediately plan a road trip with such a group. It is better when you know the people better before you set out. How people feel when you meet socially may be completely different as compared to how they are personally. Habits, lifestyle differences that irk each other can add to a lot of stress on the trip.

Choose people aiming for similar expectations on the trip: For some people a perfect holiday is about a luxurious hotel with all modern amenities, while others would prefer camping outdoors as a perfect holiday. Choose people who have similar expectations from a road trip for a smoother trip.

Think about the kids who come along: Do the people have kids? Do your kids and theirs get along? Will just a couple as companions mean your own kid get bored? Think about all these factors before you decide.

Whose car you take? Road trips can cause a lot of wear and tear of the vehicle. Make sure you decide that. Or you could also hire a vehicle. If you are looking to hire a campervan from Edinburgh go here for the best deals.

Plan a budget including everyone and stick to it. Friends may come from different financial backgrounds. Include people who are ready to step a little up or down from their budget to suit the needs of all. Stubborn people who refuse to adjust are difficult to travel. Same applies to factors like where to eat? What all to see? Where to shop? And much more.